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در ۱۳۹۱ تیر پیوسته است


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  1. بازتوییت کرد
    مهر ۲۳
  2. مهر ۱۵

    We added a new field to HFP payload for Metro; "seq"(sequence). You can use it for example to show only one location per journey by filtering out seq: 2 trains. This because series 100 and 200 trains are always connected to another and series 300 not.

  3. بازتوییت کرد
    مهر ۱۳

    Highlights from Lamia Flow with HSL from last weekend. Thank you and all the brilliant teams!

  4. مهر ۱۱

    New documentation: setting up basic Digitransit services.

  5. بازتوییت کرد
    مهر ۷

    Huge congrats to the winning Team SysTik at the Lamia Flow public transport hackathon in co-op with 🏆! The winning solution lets you see how long bikes will last on a given bike station and estimates the number of broken bikes there.

  6. مهر ۳

    HFP v1 is planned to be deprecated by end of November. Be sure to support v2 by then. Documentation is now available only for v2 at

  7. شهریور ۲۷

    Ramping back up slowly, finally.

    نمایش این رشته‌توییت
  8. شهریور ۲۷

    Metro HFP is down due technical problem at the source system. WIP.

    نمایش این رشته‌توییت
  9. شهریور ۲۰

    Metro location data is now live in production HFP feed. Stop estimates to follow on a later date. Let us know if you find any problems. We'll promote these a bit later, consider this a (semi-)silent launch.

  10. بازتوییت کرد
    شهریور ۷

    Tule kehittämään ttä Lamian ja HSL:n kanssa! ssa 28.9. projekteja eri osaajille. Ilmoittaudu mukaan Tram Jam, The Passenger tai Brokebike Station -projekteihin tai tuo oma ideasi ja tiimisi - tervetuloa!

  11. شهریور ۵

    Talks: - "Apache Pulsar and real time infrastructure in public transport", by Matti-Pekka Laaksonen - "Stream Warehousing at Wolt", by Jacopo Chiapparino See you there!

  12. بازتوییت کرد
    شهریور ۴

    A developer experience testimonial: "One thing’s for sure, I couldn’t have done it without , so big thanks to them for providing such a great API for their public transport timetables."

  13. مرداد ۳۱

    Hackathon utilizing the HSL open APIs, sign up!

  14. بازتوییت کرد
    مرداد ۲۸
  15. تیر ۱۴

    Robot bus line 90R sharing vehicle position now in HFP api and HSL Reittiopas.

  16. خرداد ۲۹

    Introducing HFP 2.0 with events. Available now. What cool things will you do with it? 😎

  17. خرداد ۲۰

    Bugfix is now live for our mqtt platfom. Please let us know if you experience slowness or other problems in HFP api.

  18. خرداد ۱۴

    First aid helped and we are back on. Still finding root cause and proper fix.

    نمایش این رشته‌توییت
  19. خرداد ۱۴

    Working on problems in our HFP (location data) API. Something is overloading the broker at the moment. No ETA yet for the fix but team is on it.

    نمایش این رشته‌توییت
  20. بازتوییت کرد
    خرداد ۸

    It's been a pleasure to participate building co-operation between Estonia and Finland. Maanteeamet is starting to use Digitransit platform


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